Post #4 Dante’s Story

Hello Friends, This week, spending time with Dante the draft mule, I noticed that his tail was severely matted in two long, hardened cables. This had to be frustrating for him; a tail can’t do the work of swatting at flies and yellowjackets if it can’t move swiftly. It might have also been painful. Those […]

Post #3 Bonds

Hello Friends, Watching the herds at 13 Hands, I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship. Like most equines, most human beings are social animals; we rely on one another for safety, affirmation, and comfort. Our friends provide that — and more. And so it is with equines. As members of a herd, they rely on […]

Post #2 Scars

Hello Friends. Since my first post, I’ve spent a few mornings at 13 Hands, wandering the terrain of the paddocks and getting to know the rescues. What a gift I’ve been given to be able to do this. We all know that many of the rescues suffered in significant ways before their arrival. This is […]

Post #1 Hello Readers!

Hello Readers, I’m writing to you from my home office, but in my heart, I’m at 13 Hands, in the first paddocks on Tuscan Way, where I spent the afternoon a few days ago. I want to tell you all about it, but first, please put up with my short introduction. My name is Karen, […]


Gendertraitor The Gender Traitor Shop is donating a portion of their proceeds for the quarter!   We are thrilled that previous volunteer, Kacey Martin, is supporting 13 Hands Equine Rescue.   Kacey’s hope is that Gender Traitor will serve as a platform for people to express themselves, as well as a safe place where everyone […]

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  Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at and Amazon donates to 13 Hands Equine Rescue Inc.


    In The News: Student raises awareness of equine rescue, equine therapy:    

Job Listings

BARN MANAGER:  We are looking for a Barn Manager who can volunteer at least some of their hours to 13 Hands.   All barn management duties for 20+ horses and working with 2 grooms included in position. FUNDRAISER:  We are looking for a professional fundraiser(s) who knows the tools and how to get funding via […]