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On this unusually warm winter day, I’m thinking about Eastwood and Porter, two mustangs who’ve landed safely at 13 Hands. I met Eastwood a couple of months ago, and Porter just last week. Both geldings are self-assured and friendly. Both are stunning. Both have acclimated to their herds, and both are soaking up the peace that comes with food security and gentle care. But they won’t be up for adoption just yet. They need time to heal.

Mustangs are American icons, immortalized on the hoods of flashy cars and as mascots for numerous college sports teams. There’s a mystery to them, and sometimes even experienced horse people believe they can crack the code. Well-meaning adopters who think it will be “cool” to tame a wild horse jump in to the adoption process without knowledge or the skills to work with an animal who once roamed free. And sometimes these magnificent animals fall into the hands of not-so-well-meaning adopters who want to make a little cash with no regard for their horse’s outcome. Many mustangs and burros, too, are subsequently sold at auctions which sadly,  can include buyers from slaughterhouses in neighboring countries.

Both Eastwood and Porter are marked with freeze-brands under their crests, indicating that they are, indeed, mustangs. Our guess is that they were adopted out, and then for unknown reasons, sent to auction. 13 Hands stepped in to rescue them, and they made the long, arduous journey from out west to their home in Clinton Corners, New York.

In spite of the fact that some humans failed them, both Eastwood and Porter learned to trust. And now that they’ve landed in a truly safe, responsible home, our staff is committed to making sure they will thrive.

Eastwood and Porter are only two of our mustangs. We have more, some who haven’t yet allowed their caretakers to get near them. They need our compassion and our love. They need time to learn that not all humans will fail them. The staff members at 13 Hands are committed to working with them and to giving them every opportunity to become adoptable.

Eastwood, Porter, and our other mustangs and burros were once an important part of our country’s wild landscape. Now at 13 Hands, their caretakers are rewriting their story, treating them like the true American icons they are.

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horse rescue nys