Sponsoring a horse at 13 Hands means committing to a recurring monthly donation to help cover the cost of care for your favorite horse.  It’s a wonderful way to help us with expenses – which in turn means we can afford to save even more rescue horses!  You don’t have to know anything about horses or provide any care beyond your financial contribution, but you will be welcomed to visit the farm by appointment to see your sponsored horse. You may also use photos of your sponsored horse in advertising or promotional materials if you would like to.

To begin sponsoring, all you have to do is

You know that you directly helped a horse saved from slaughter!

The best way to donate to us is via check.  There are no fees applied, and we receive the full amount you intended.  However, we do realize that the convenience of PayPal or a credit card is key, and we are very grateful for whichever way you choose to donate.

Our mailing address for a check donation:  

13 Hands Equine Rescue, 50 Tuscan Way, Clinton Corners, NY 12514