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We are committed to help humans and horses alike, and we believe in the powerful effect of mutual healing through the human-horse relationship. This scientifically proven therapy model is based on the unique qualities of the horse to sense and react to human emotions.

The horses’ way of reacting to our emotions and body language is always immediate, honest, non-judgmental and benevolent.

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Therapy Program

Equine Assisted Therapy – Helping Horses, Healing Humans

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Won’t you give this boy a good home? Copper is a bit older and quite thin, but he has a lot of life left to live. He needs a lot of TLC and a diet to get him back in shape.  Copper needs a home to live out the rest of his years grazing and getting love from his human companions and equines too! 

Newly arrived at 13 Hands, CoCo is quite timid and is still getting adjusted to her new surroundings and the humans who are caring for her.  She can be seen peeking from behind the shed at times and tentatively getting to know her neighboring equines.  She and her gal pal Northern Star are pasture mates and came to us as a pair.  We don’t know a lot about her at this time, other than she needs a lot of TLC.  

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13 Hands Equine Rescue

Our Mission

13 Hands Equine Rescue Inc. is a 501c3 Not for Profit organization that rescues abandoned, abused and slaughter-bound horses. After a 30 day quarantine, the horses arrive at our farm to begin their second chance at life. It takes a lot of time, special diets, handling, veterinary care, etc. to bring them back to health. After they are rescued and assessed we continue rehabilitation and re-training in order to help them find their perfect “forever home”. We have a strenuous adoption process to find the perfect match. This includes an adoptee assessment/interview, reference checks, etc. A select few horses will stay at the farm and become part of our equine therapy program for veterans and children suffering from PTSD, anxiety and other issues. Rescues that are not adoptable and cannot be used in therapy, will live out the rest of their lives in peace and tranquility and just be horses!

We are GuideStar Platinum rated which means we are 100% transparent with our financial information.