Blog Post #27 Our Equine Community!

equine rescue fundraiser event

  Friends, If you had the chance to attend Help A Horse Day, you probably felt it–an incredible sense of unity. Everyone there knew what they’d come to support: 13 Hands’ commitment to rescuing and healing horses who would otherwise suffer in unimaginable ways. Many of you were greeted by Big Mac, who loved all […]

Post #26 Pampered!

equine rescue upstate ny

Hello Friends and Happy Spring! This time of year always has me thinking about what the warm weather means for our equine community. No doubt, those of you who’ve been around the barn for a few seasons know to expect the return of pollen, insects, and sweat (ours and our horses’). Allergies are kicking up, […]

Post #25 Thriving!

equine rescue blog

Hey Everyone. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Dark Night, an older black beauty who was struggling with multiple health issues and facing a poor prognosis. I’d spent a lot of time with him and witnessed the extraordinary care he was receiving at 13 Hands; however, it was clear that he was approaching the […]

Blog Post #24 Newness!

miniature horses for adoption new york

Happy New Year, Friends. As the calendar drifts into the deepest part of winter, for me, the urge to find stuff to look forward to grows strong. I’m grateful to be able to say it’s not that hard. My oldest daughter and son-in-law will soon welcome their little boy. I have a front row seat […]

Post #23 Lasting Magic!

horses for adoption in ny

Hey Everyone. This morning I said to my husband, “No good can come from watching the news.” I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way, stressed about global events that seem out of our control. I hope you’re okay and finding ways to take care of yourselves during these precarious times. For those […]

Post #22 Positive Reinforcement!

Positive Reinforcement Training

A couple of weeks ago, a black bear moseyed into my backyard and bent the pole of one of my bird feeders to access the seeds inside. I ran outside like a lunatic, clanging a pot and its lid, yelling “Get away, get away, get away!” I was conflicted. While I knew I was following […]

Blog Post #21 Legacy!

mare and foal rescue hudson valley ny

Friends! Please bear with me while I share some exciting family news. This summer, my husband Craig and I became grandparents AND found out that Grandbaby #2 is on the way. (Luckily, these two pieces of news come from separate households.) We’re ecstatic that our granddaughter will have a little cousin to play with and […]

Blog Post #20 Asking for Consent!

13 hands equine rescue blog

Hello Friends. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying your time with family, friends, and all of your companions—equine, canine, feline, and other! Before I begin with what’s been on my mind, I want to take a moment to thank Marylou, Founder and Executive Director of 13 Hands, as well as the staff members who […]

Blog Post #19 A Horse and a Kid!

Blog Post #19 A Horse and a Kid

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Stephanie surprised me by sharing the news that one of her essays had been accepted for publication in Promethean, the literary magazine of City College, where she teaches. She instructed me to get some tissues; I would need them when I read her piece. I was glad for […]

Blog Post #18 In Celebration of Seniors!

senior gelding horse for adoption hudson valley ny

Stiff joints. Achy muscles. Slow, intentional movements. The savoring of a meal or of time to bask in the sun. A dash of contempt for the overly playful. Appreciation of stillness. Of clean air. Of a safe, cushiony bed. I could be talking about me. But today, it’s senior rescues who are on my mind. […]