equine rescue fundraiser event


If you had the chance to attend Help A Horse Day, you probably felt it–an incredible sense of unity. Everyone there knew what they’d come to support: 13 Hands’ commitment to rescuing and healing horses who would otherwise suffer in unimaginable ways.

Many of you were greeted by Big Mac, who loved all the attention he got. Many of you stopped to say hello to Felicity and her mom, Bliss, who were also eager to interact with you. And some of you watched me frantically put up signs warning you that little Eclipse is currently trying out his new teeth–sometimes on human body parts.

I felt it, too. The good we all want to do. The compassion that brings us together. The joy of being connected to other people who care. And ultimately, the knowledge that our equine community is saving lives.

Today I’m asking you to invite as many people as you can to join this community.

Our heartbreaking reality is that we must take care of horses whose original people could not, or would not. Most of our horses have worked before, and we owe it to them to honor the time they’ve spent serving humans. Many of them are able, even eager, to work again. However, we must commit to finding them homes where they will be appreciated, nurtured, and loved, whether they work or not. And until they’re adopted, we must commit to providing them with the attention and the care they need.

Reaching out to friends and family members, publicizing horses’ stories of strength and resilience, recruiting volunteers, and–here’s the big one–supporting our horses financially are the ways we can participate actively in this inspiring community. If you’ll bear with me, I have some ideas.


Adoptions – Ideally, all of our horses will be welcomed into homes where they can live out their lives fully, in peace. But this takes initiative. Can you reach out to someone right now who is in a position to offer space and healing to one of our rescues?

Donations – Financial support for our rescues is crucial for this work. Can you contact a corporation, a small business, and/or generous individuals who want to be part of our equine community? Their contributions directly affect the number of horses we can save.

Sponsorships – Do you know anyone who can offer ongoing support to our horses? Sponsorship is a beautiful way to play an effective role in our community, in the lives of our rescues.

Networking – It’s time to talk to everyone you know about being part of this incredible mission. The equine community is open to all!

Projects – Finally, let’s get our kids involved. Students from elementary school to graduate school can become engaged, productive members of our community. How about a class fundraising project? What about a high school student who needs internship hours? How about college students who are taking courses in marketing, or who want to apply what they’re learning about fundraising?


When my horse Ray was alive, my equine community was small and somewhat insular. It’s not that I didn’t care about the equine world beyond our barn; it’s that I didn’t know about it.

So, in the spirit of getting the word out, will you share this message beyond your “barn”?

Please join 13 Hands and support our work. Please join us as we save horses who have served their humans, who will continue to enrich our lives in countless ways, and who deserve our help.

This is a very special community, and we look forward to welcoming you.


With gratitude and love,