Hey Everyone,

Just one quick post before the year ends!

You probably already know about the 13 Hands HERD CHAMPIONS fundraising campaign. I love what this means!

As I visit rescues in their fields and wonder what’s in store for them, I’m filled with deep gratitude for everyone in the equine community who steps up to make sure that, while they wait to be adopted, everyone is thriving—that their hay is delivered, that their shelters are secure, that their paddocks and paddock-mates are healthy. The 13 Hands staff is made up of hardworking, committed, gentle humans who clearly love the herd. Truly, they are champions.

And you are champions, too. You might not be mucking the fields or filling the water troughs, but I know you’re offering your unwavering support.

Please continue to be a HERD CHAMPION by spreading the word about adoptions and sponsorships. And donate whatever you can!

The staff and the herd are forever indebted to you!