Post #7 The Good Kind of Goodbye

Hi Friends, As a new volunteer at 13 Hands, I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit with so many different rescues. Also, simply put, I am in total awe of the people who take care of them. I think when I started coming, I hadn’t for a second stopped to think about what […]

Post #6 Hidden Gems

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Hello Friends, I thought I’d start this post with something I’ve been thinking about: the idea of a hidden gem. I’ve heard it most often used to describe a pristine or lightly touched travel destination — an inn located on a gravel road, a restaurant so intimate that there’s no regular menu, a lake undisturbed […]

Post #5 Being Present

Greetings, Friends. I hope this note finds you taking good care of those you love and taking good care of yourselves. Life can be challenging, and we all need to retreat from stress. Taking care of others and a bit of self-care can go a long way. I mentioned in an earlier post that I […]

Post #4 Dante’s Story

Hello Friends, This week, spending time with Dante the draft mule, I noticed that his tail was severely matted in two long, hardened cables. This had to be frustrating for him; a tail can’t do the work of swatting at flies and yellowjackets if it can’t move swiftly. It might have also been painful. Those […]

Post #3 Bonds

Hello Friends, Watching the herds at 13 Hands, I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship. Like most equines, most human beings are social animals; we rely on one another for safety, affirmation, and comfort. Our friends provide that — and more. And so it is with equines. As members of a herd, they rely on […]

Post #2 Scars

Hello Friends. Since my first post, I’ve spent a few mornings at 13 Hands, wandering the terrain of the paddocks and getting to know the rescues. What a gift I’ve been given to be able to do this. We all know that many of the rescues suffered in significant ways before their arrival. This is […]

Post #1 Hello Readers!

Hello Readers, I’m writing to you from my home office, but in my heart, I’m at 13 Hands, in the first paddocks on Tuscan Way, where I spent the afternoon a few days ago. I want to tell you all about it, but first, please put up with my short introduction. My name is Karen, […]