Blog Post #19 A Horse and a Kid!

Blog Post #19 A Horse and a Kid

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Stephanie surprised me by sharing the news that one of her essays had been accepted for publication in Promethean, the literary magazine of City College, where she teaches. She instructed me to get some tissues; I would need them when I read her piece. I was glad for […]

Blog Post #18 In Celebration of Seniors!

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Stiff joints. Achy muscles. Slow, intentional movements. The savoring of a meal or of time to bask in the sun. A dash of contempt for the overly playful. Appreciation of stillness. Of clean air. Of a safe, cushiony bed. I could be talking about me. But today, it’s senior rescues who are on my mind. […]

Post #17 No Saddle Needed!

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Hey Everyone, Because the start of spring is here, I’ve been thinking a lot about my riding days (which might or might not be over). I gave up riding my horse Ray about eighteen months before I had to say goodbye to him, which brings it to almost three years since I’ve been in my […]

Post #16 Donkey Love!

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Hi Everyone. I hope you’re doing well and enjoying this mild weather. I know the herd is. What a sight to see them all romping in the warm breeze, tossing hay, kicking up mud. This is such a good reminder for us all: Farm life is a lot of fun. I grew up in an […]

Post #15 Popcorn!

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I have exciting news. You might think I’m a little crazy, but bear with me. Yesterday, Popcorn got feisty with one of his paddock mates. The mule snuck up on him when he was looking for leftover morsels of food under his bucket, and Popcorn pinned his ears and whooshed her away. I almost cried. […]

Post #14 Our Wild Horses and Burros!

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On this unusually warm winter day, I’m thinking about Eastwood and Porter, two mustangs who’ve landed safely at 13 Hands. I met Eastwood a couple of months ago, and Porter just last week. Both geldings are self-assured and friendly. Both are stunning. Both have acclimated to their herds, and both are soaking up the peace […]

Post #13–Champions!

Hey Everyone, Just one quick post before the year ends! You probably already know about the 13 Hands HERD CHAMPIONS fundraising campaign. I love what this means! As I visit rescues in their fields and wonder what’s in store for them, I’m filled with deep gratitude for everyone in the equine community who steps up […]

Post #12 Peace

Happy Holidays to all of you in the equine community! My wish for you this year is the same as my wish for all of our rescues. Peace. When I first met Dark Night, he was a new arrival in a large herd, along with his buddy Raymond. While Raymond was reserved but curious, Dark […]

Post #11- Beautiful

Hello Friends. I have a confession to make. Often when people compliment my dog, a rescue who had a very rough start, I swell with pride. When they tell me Phoebe is beautiful—as if I had anything to do with it—I’m elated. To be honest, though, that feeling lasts no more than a split second. […]

Post #10 E-mmersion Program — New at 13 Hands!

Hi Friends. It was damp and cold on the farm today, signs that autumn is really here. The minis ran and bucked in the distance, and Hitch the Wanderer moseyed into the barn looking for mischief. Aries the tuxedo cat helped himself to Alison Appleby’s lunch, and when the rain increased, we all braced against […]