Help a Horse Day 2022!

We plan to be part of this national day

raising awareness on taking better care of horses.

Stay tuned for a date and details!

Moondance was born on May 27, 2021.
Strawberry Moon was born on June 25, 2021


These two precious newborn lives were headed for a different fate.  Their mothers were dumped at auction three months from giving birth.  Darla and Ruby were rescued by 13 Hands and their foals were born in our care.  So much joy has come from watching these two foals grow and trust humans.  This is how every new life should enter the world…feeling love and safety.
In the meantime, join the efforts to help a horse by adopting, donating, or sponsoring. Visit “Our Horses” and learn more about the equines in our care that you can help right now!  Hope to see you all soon.