Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Mature
Year of Birth: Est. 1998
Breed: QH Cross
Height: 15.1H
Color: Chestnut
Markings: Blaze into snip; socks
Ability: Companion
Availability: Adoptable

Mare companion horse for adoption new york

Bringing Venus to 13 Hands was an urgent matter. She was severely neglected, malnourished and very ill; predicted not to survive. She’s here now and what a miracle. The progress she has made in her appearance in just a few short months is impressive. Her emotional state also transformed while being nourished back to health.

Venus is cautious and quiet with new people. She does have her moments of high energy, especially around food. Can you blame her?

She will let you in as long as she feels sure that it’s ok. Once she gives consent, Venus will lower her head and close her eyes to feel your love and affection. Those little ears of hers move slightly back and forth, always aware.

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