Gender: Gelding
Type: Mini
Age: Young
Year of Birth: 2007
Breed: Miniature Horse
Color: Bay
Markings: None
Ability: In Training
Availability: Adoptable

mini gelding horse adopt new york

Hodge is in his late teens, but he is living proof that you can absolutely teach an older horse new tricks! Although he arrived at the rescue fearful and skittish with little handling experience, through positive reinforcement training he has learned to stand for grooming, wear a halter, walk on a lead rope, liberty leading, the beginnings of foot care & bathing, and put his head through a hula hoop! Hodge has even participated in demonstrations showcasing his new talents!

Though he still has a lot to learn, Hodge is a gentleman-in-the-making. He stands at the gate nickering for his training session to start, and is learning to be a wonderful walking companion. When you look into his thoughtful, brave little face, you find an admirable soul who is willing to try new things and learn to trust humans even after all they have put him through.

Hodge needs a home with someone who can help him continue building trust in people and teach him more of the skills he will need, such as hoof care, for a happy life.

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