Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 2011
Breed: Unknown
Color: Sorrel
Ability: Unknown
Availability: Adoptable
sorrel mare for adoption

Introducing Gingersnap, a mare that truly embodies a heart of gold. Her name is a perfect reflection of her inviting spirit, which exudes a soothing energy that spreads calmness and joy wherever she goes. Although her history under the saddle remains a mystery, Gingersnap’s flawless ground manners and her fondness for grooming sessions are undeniable. With her soft gaze and patient nature, she stands out as an ideal choice for therapeutic interactions or simply as a loyal friend by your side.

Gingersnap spends her days alongside a 22-year-old gelding, Navajo, and their extraordinary connection is a testament to the profound bonds that horses can form. Their companionship is a beautiful display of equine friendship and the peacefulness it brings.

We invite you to meet Gingersnap and experience her sweet disposition for yourself. She might just be the perfect addition you’ve been looking for, ready to capture your heart as she has ours.

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