Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 2004
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Chestnut and White
Markings: Pinto, Star
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Adoptable

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We don’t know Dawn’s past, but to end up here, she must have seen a lot in her 20 years. Despite whatever she may have been through to end up here, she never lost her trust in humans. She is as sweet as they come and bestows kindness upon all those fortunate enough to cross her path. She radiates a calm and wise energy, infectious to those around her. 

Dawn finds so much joy in life’s simple pleasures-like grooming, walking, and soft words of affection. She will stand at liberty allowing you to groom her for as long as you’d like-a testament to her desire for human companionship. She is easy to lead, stands well for the farrier, and is overall a true pleasure to have around.

Dawn is retired from riding and seeking a life of leisure, gentle movement, and to be surrounded by love and care. If you feel a connection to Delta Dawn, please come visit her and see if she could be the horse for you.

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