Blue Moon

Gender: Gelding
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: Est. 2001
Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: N/A
Color: Black
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Therapy Horse

This fun loving Blue Roan always tries to get your attention.  He’s the perfect boy to take on walks.  He is ready to join a therapy program. He can be a wonderful companion to another equine. This gelding is quite special.

Blue is about 21 years old and due to foot soreness, is on soft footing in the barn or turned out on a sand paddock.  For now, he continues to grow out his soles and have careful trimming.  He loves to take walks and is great with his handlers.  We are not certain Blue can be ridden, but further evaluation by an adopter could result in a more precise assessment of his ability.








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