Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Mature
Year of Birth: 1999
Breed: Quarter Horse
Color: Bay and White
Markings: Pinto
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Adoptable

quarter horse mare companion

American Woman: A Portrait of Resilience and Grace

American Woman’s journey is one of courage and recovery. She embodies the quiet strength that inspires us all. Her gentle nature is a testament to her name—a symbol of enduring spirit and grace.

American Woman arrived in our care extremely underweight, but she has since blossomed into health with a full recovery. Her resilience is as striking as her distinctive markings.

As a companion only, she seeks a home that understands her needs—a little extra TLC with warm mashes to maintain her weight. 

American Woman loves being groomed and will stand at liberty allowing you to dote on her until your heart’s content.

American Woman is looking for a partner in her continued journey. Someone who can provide the care she deserves and receive the unconditional love she has to give. Let American Woman step into your life and show you the power of a quiet and gentle spirit.

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