Gender: Gelding
Type: Mini
Age: Young
Year of Birth: March 2022
Breed: Miniature Horse
Color: Brown and White Paint
Markings: White w/brown patches
Ability: Needs Training
Availability: Adoptable

mini paint horse rescue new york

Alfie was only a few months old when he arrived in June of 2022. He was rescued along with his mother, Kiki, who has already been adopted. Luckily, he is young and resilient. He seems unphased by all he has already endured during his short time on Earth. He is spirited and full of joy, as he should be.

He is getting more comfortable with being haltered and led, but needs to continue to learn the basics wherever he goes.

Alfie is a healthy and happy boy. Spend some time with him and you will quickly fall in love- it’s hard not to. He just needs a place to call home.

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