Gender: Mare
Type: Mini
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: Est. 2016
Breed: Mini Mule
Color: White
Markings: None
Ability: Needs Training
Availability: Adoptable

mare mini mule for adoption clinton corners ny

Abby’s favorite hobbies include rolling in the mud and frolicking with her many equine friends. She is a quiet mule. Inquisitive but timid. She needs a soft touch and a lot of love; someone who is patient and willing to take on a project.

She needs to learn the basics- standing for the farrier is something all equines need to be taught, regardless of their size. With proper guidance and love, she will get there.

If you are ready for a lifetime of love, giving Abby a chance to trust will turn her into a best friend. The love of a mule or donkey is special.

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