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Join us for a beautiful 65 mile ride through Dutchess and Columbia counties. When you finish the run, we will have a gourmet BBQ at the magnificent 13 Hands Equine Rescue. Meet some of the amazing horses they have rescued from terrible situations. Some of the rescued horses are used in their Equine Assisted Therapy Program which helps children, veterans and others cope with with issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD and more. 13 Hands has a unique Equine Assisted Therapy Program because they work with the horses they have saved.

The rescue is a special place of healing and tranquility for the animals (and people). These horses, donkeys and mules seem to know that they have finally found peace when they arrive. The horrors they faced start to fade away and they begin to trust people again.

It’s quite a thing to see and experience.

Hope you can join us to support this amazing organization!