Winter Hay Drive

Can you help support our mission to heal horses & humans by donating to our Hay Drive?

equine rescue fundraiser

Our Goal

One of our biggest costs as an equine rescue is hay. A full size horse eats approximately 1 bale per day. In the winter months we rely SOLELY on hay & feed to get us through at LEAST March, before grass starts to grow in. Right now we feed 100 bales per day, which means 12,000 bales to get us through March. At $7.50 a bale, that’s $90,000 on hay alone! As a rescue, it’s important to not only feed adequate amounts of hay, but also to feed quality hay in order to properly refeed & rehabilitate our rescues.
We would not be able to continue rescuing equines without the generous support & donations from our community. It’s our mission to not only rescue them, but also to help heal the veterans, children, & humans we connect them with. This year we ask that you think of the many in this country that need our support & join us in our cause. YOU have the individual power to make a direct impact. Every donation, no matter the size, goes directly towards our mission & makes a world of difference🌎

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