The Golden Girls

Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: N/A
Breed: N/A
Height: N/A
Color: N/A
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Ready To Adopt

~ Companions for Life ~

Zaynah is an Arabian mare and the matriarch of the ladies. She is estimated to be 27 years old.  Zaynah was rescued emaciated with a damaged and infected left eye. Unfortunately, her eye had to be removed while in quarantine.  She was also pregnant but too thin for anyone to notice due to her malnourishment.  She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy colt named Shiloh.   Zaynah loves to be groomed and take walks.

Luna, another grand lady, is estimated to be between 20- to 25 years old.  She has dealt with dental issues and had some teeth removed about 2 years ago. She is the alpha of the group so no one messes with her.  She is not agressive but clearly the others know their place in the herd.  She is bonded with Harley.

Harley, a Saddlebred mare estimated to be around 20 years old, is fondly referred to as a ballerina.  Her slender physique and long legs make her look like a dancer. She is the most challenging in the group to get close to, but if you get close to Luna, Harley is easy to catch. It is clear when she and Luna are apart that they look for each other and call out.

Guinevere, a Morgan mare born in 2007 (15 years old), has experienced challenges since she was born.  She was born blind and at 6 months old sent for surgery for lens replacement, only to lose her left eye in recovery.  She has always seen her world through one eye and now has no vision in her right eye except for lights and shadows.  She navigates her space quite well and relies on her pasture mates.  Guinevere cannot be stalled.  She needs to live outside with access to shelter.  Her dental and farrier care require a sedative to relax her and she has done very well taking that extra step for us to work with her.

These four mares are quite special.  Each have their own story as we know it over the last few years.  They are looking for that special someone and that special home where they can continue their life journey together. When their movements are synchronous, it is quite heartwarming to watch.

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