Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: Est. 2001
Breed: Quarter Horse 
Color: Chestnut
Markings: Brand on left hip
Ability: Light Riding, Companion or Therapy
Availability: Adoptable

quarter horse rescue

Sweetheart arrived at our equine rescue in May 2022 and quickly settled in with her herd mates. She has adjusted well to life at the rescue and has really warmed up to her human caregivers. She is kind and quiet, and her warm, inviting spirit will make you wonder how she could end up here.

Sweetheart is suitable for light riding at the walk only. Because of her puppy dog personality, we feel she would make an excellent therapy horse. Her calm demeanor and gentle nature make her a perfect candidate for anyone looking for a companion animal.

Sweetheart is currently living with a herd of mares, but we previously had her living successfully in a mixed herd.

We recommend that Sweetheart be adopted by someone who can provide her with the daily love and attention she deserves. She is ready to transition to her forever home and settle in for one last time.

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