Gender: John
Type: Mini
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 2017
Breed: Mule
Color: Rose Grey
Markings: Light tan muzzle, 4 stockings, Dorsal stripe
Ability: Needs Training
Availability: Adoptable

mini mule for adoption nys

Timber and Squirt the mini mule are available for adoption as a pair! They’ve taken a liking to each other since they first met in summer of ’22. They can self-entertain for hours just playing & frolicking together throughout the pasture!

Timber suffered an injury in his left eye and it was severely infected. Despite all efforts to save it, it had to be removed. He went through surgery and handled it all without phase.

Timber & Squirt are the perfect match in size & temperament, and both happen to be estimated at 6 years old. They bring out the best in one another- the closer they get, the more we see their true spirits shine through.

The experiences these two have already gone through are a lot for any horse to handle. By keeping them together, they have a MUCH higher chance of success at transitioning to their new home. 

Timber & Squirt deserve a home that they can call their own. They need someone who can provide them with the consistent human interactions they need. Both are young and full of life. Anyone would be lucky to call Timber and Squirt their own.

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