Gender: Gelding
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 2003
Breed: American Saddlebred
Height: 15
Color: Chestnut
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Ready To Adopt

Jameson is an American Saddlebred with quite a presence.  He stands tall and is quite handsome.  Jameson was an Amish cart horse and is now living the life of a horse grazing in a field and hanging around with his equine friends.

He has a lot of energy and can be seen running and playing with the youthful equines in his paddock. Although he walks and trots, the canter is hard for him likely due to his time as a cart horse where cantering was not allowed.  Jameson has been evaluated under saddle and on the trails for quite a few months, and it appears Jameson is not comfortable being ridden.  Jameson would be best as a companion horse.


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