Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 2012
Breed: Dutch Harness
Color: Bay
Markings: Blaze; RF sock; LF stocking; LR pastern
Ability: Started with positive reinforcement
Availability: Adoptable

dutch harness mare horse adoptable nys

Holly is a very special girl. She was an Amish cart horse in her previous life and likely worked very hard day in, day out. When she arrived to us, she was very timid and weary of humans. But she gradually warmed up and now has quite the personality!

Our trainer has been working with her using positive reinforcement and clicker training. Holly has learned to target objects, as well as to target her head into a halter. A skill she likely already knew, but it was never her choice. Now, she chooses to wear her halter and she chooses to interact.

Having a foundation of positive reinforcement training is invaluable for Holly as she continues her training. She has now “learned to learn.” Given the time to build trust on the ground, she has potential to be a riding horse. 

Holly is a beautiful soul inside and out. She is a special horse and needs someone who can give her the gentle guidance and bonding she desires. She is also the most photogenic horse you will ever meet. She loves having a moment in the spotlight and getting the attention she deserves.

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