Gender: Gelding
Type: Horse
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 2007
Breed: Morgan
Color: Bay
Markings: Left eye missing
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Adoptable

horse for adoption nys

Guinevere is doing well. She has put on weight and has settled into a small herd. Companionship was something that was missing for quite a few years and now she has it.

If you’re interested in adoption, Guinevere needs to live outside 24/7. She does not do well in a stall. She becomes very agitated and quite vocal. Guinevere needs to feel the open space around her. She only sees lights and shadows in her right eye (her left eye was removed at 6 months old). Guinevere is more comfortable around people now, and she welcomes the human touch. A good head scratch is always the way to go.

Guinevere’s story began early in her life. Born blind and with cataracts, she had surgery for lens replacement. Soon after the successful surgery, an injury to the left side of her face required the removal of her eye. At about 5 years old she was adopted by a family. Unfortunately, after so many years together, they were unable to care for her and they needed to find a home for their beloved horse. 13 Hands was able to help.

She has been ridden in the past, but we have not determined how she’s doing now under saddle.

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