Gender: Gelding
Type: Pony
Age: Adult
Year of Birth: 7/26/99
Breed: Welsh Pony
Height: abt. 13
Color: Flea bitten Grey
Ability: Companion Only
Availability: Adopted

Bernard hasn’t had an easy life.  He and 3 of his friends were rescued when another “rescue” had to surrender their horses.  13 Hands was selected as one of a few rescues that was allowed to take some of these horses in and rehabilitate them.  Several were in pretty bad shape.  Bernard is very strong.  All of his friends are gone now.  2 have passed on and 1 was adopted to a forever home.  He’s happy with our herd here at 13 Hands, but he would do best with that 1 special person to love and understand him.  He is a flea-bitten grey gelding.  He’s a small pony who would make a great companion pet.


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