Gender: Mare
Type: Horse
Age: Baby
Year of Birth: 4/16/2020
Breed: Quarter Horse Cross
Height: N/A
Color: Bay
Ability: Needs Training
Availability: Adopted

March 2021

Aria is 1 years old!

Watching her grow and change this past year has been an incredible experience.  Those who know her since her birth are thrilled to see the changes she has gone through these last 12 months.  She is strong and beautiful and loving life with her pasture mate, Esmerelda.  Aria has loved human contact since the minute she took her first breath. What an opportunity to show her kindness and the human connection from the very beginning.  For a young impressionable life to know love and care from the very start is precious.



3 days old
3 days old
3 days old









Our little Aria was born on April 16, 2020 to our beautiful mare, Meredith. Since the moment she was born, all eyes were on her.  She was quick. She was curious. She was affectionate. She was everything a newborn could be…and of course ADORABLE!  Aria has had human contact since the day she was born and anyone who has had the good fortune to spend time with her can see it.  She loves to be around people (like mother, like daughter), and she would love on you all day if you let her.  She can be seen frolicking in the paddock with her pasture mate Bradley Cooper, who is only four days younger than her.




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