Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper

Gender: Unknown
Type: Horse
Age: Baby
Year of Birth: 4/20/2020
Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: N/A
Color: Sorrel
Ability: Unknown
Availability: Not Currently Adoptable

3 days old




4 months old

Cooper is one of two foals born this Spring.  He was born on April 20, 2020 to Lady.  The farm was bursting with excitement as we all waited for a second foal to arrive.  He was born in the middle of the night and mom did a wonderful job bringing him into the world.  Lady is a protective mother and Cooper knows where to hide (behind mom) when he’s unsure of all the humans peering in to catch a glimpse.  He has grown quite a bit and changed so much since those first few days.  




6 months old

At 7 months old, Cooper is on his own now.  He did very well being weaned from mom and he and Aria are still pasture mates who share meals and play together.  






Bradley Cooper

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